Our Mission | Divine Perfection

David, by Michelangelo, solid marble

David, by Michelangelo, solid marble

This is Michelangelo's David.  This sculpture of David is considered one of his masterpieces.  David is solid marble, 17 feet tall, giant and magnificent.  When art historians asked Michelangelo, "how did you create this masterpiece from a solid block of marble that other artists rejected because of all its flaws?"  

Michelangelo replied, "I simply removed everything that was not David."  

This is exactly what we would like to do for every one of our patients.  Remove subluxations (nerve interference), to remove that which is keeping you from expressing and experiencing your full potential.  We understand that within each one of us, there is an intelligence that drives our physiology and enables our body to heal itself naturally.

We remove this nerve interference (subluxation) by hand, with gentle and specific adjustments to the spine.


Do you know just how perfect you are?