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An introduction to Dr Dylan and Awaken Chiropractic, with patient testimonials, and information to help new patients understand what makes Awaken Chiropractic one of the best in Boulder.


“The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine determines the shape, position, tension, and tone of your life.”  ~Dr Epstein


Awaken Chiropractic brings natural, specific, highly effective chiropractic care to the Flatirons.  Treating the Whole Family: Humans AND Animals.


Dr Dylan Clements

Dr Dylan Clements

Dr Dylan is a Webster Certified Whole Family Chiropractor, serving the communities of Boulder County, Colorado. Whole Family means the people and the pets, dogs and cats.

His primary focus is setting you free from your current health conditions, and empowering your body to live with its full potential.  With a revolutionary technique, he delivers consistent and predictable results for all bodies, of all ages.

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Dylan is great at both listening with his ears and hands. I am sensitive and I need someone who will be gentle with my body. I trust Dylan to take care of me.
— Misha B.

In this video, Dr Dylan answers the simple question: What is Chiropractic?




"The sincerity and warmth with which Dr Dylan received me as a client put me at ease in his care, and helped my body relax for a deep adjustment. Dylan’s passion for chiropractic work is very evident, and I really appreciate how he explains and engages me in the process in a collaborative way that makes me feel included in my own healing and growth – so important! In our most recent session I experienced a significant release, and am grateful for Dylan’s capacity to hold and honor all that comes up in this subtle yet powerful work."    -Sasha W.

"Thank you for your wonderful healing hands! I had been traveling for months and was really in need of a Chiropractic adjustment. At the time I was experiencing hip and lower back discomfort. I was so grateful to have Dr Dylan adjust me. The adjustment was very precise and comfortable. As I stood up and started walking around my lower back and hip discomfort had already dissolved and over all my body felt so much better. Chiropractic Rocks! So does Dylan! Looking forward to more adjustments!"                                  -Aaminnima M.


"I have been adjusted many times in my life for various injuries. Today, if I need a readjustment of any sort, Dr Dylan is my go to guy. He is detailed, has a vast knowledge of the body through various disciplines and most importantly, he desires in his heart to make you better. Beyond chiropractic technique, this man has the gift of sensitivity. My thumb was jammed for 9 months and I gave up on it completely. Luckily the mere mention of the problem put Dylan in troubleshoot mode and my thumb functions perfectly today as well as my mid-back which Dylan also unlocked. Highly trustworthy practitioner. Highly recommended."                                              -Zhenya T.

"Dr Dylan was awesome. We were there on a work vacation and I had the worst pinched nerve. The pain was unbearable and he helped me so much. If it weren't for him I don't know what I would have done. He listened and he was as gentle as he possibly could have been. He even called later to check up on me to make sure I was OK. He was awesome!"    -Cloe R.


"Dr Dylan adjusted me in the middle of a big change in my life. It was very gentle and powerful. Helped me integrate a lot of work. He's also a really sweet down to earth guy to work with."    -Brenda M.

"Dr Dylan is an amazing adjuster! His hands know exactly where my spine needs adjusting. He is gentle, quick and creates peace and ease in my mind and body. Thank you for being a bright light in my life as well as helping me to brighten my own light!"    -Lindsay D.


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